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The mountains in the Dolomites are stunning. It’s definitely a place you should at least visit once in your life. There is a lot to do in these mountains like hiking, paragliding, mountain biking and much more. The best way to visit the Dolomites is by car. You can easily bring your tent and sleep on the many camping places.

Important to know: wild camping is NOT allowed in Italy.

Tip: for some camping spots you need to reserve your pitch, camping spot, in front because it gets crowded during the summer months. Beside that you need to know that some campsites don’t have a website and are only possible to book if you call them and ask if they have a spot left.

Tip: bring a jacket and warm clothes because it can get cold even in summer! Bring enough water (I always take my Osprey water bag), snacks, electrolytes for in your water, a rain jacket, gloves, sun protection and bring your walking sticks if you prefer. I also always recommend bringing a headtorch in case you don’t make it back in time and a whistle for safety reasons.

Bring enough cash because a lot of the places only accept cash!

Must visit in the Dolomites

There is of course so much more to discover in the Dolomites. Look it up on the internet because it’s unbelievable how many beautiful places and hikes you can do. In this blog I’m just writing about our experience in the Dolomites.

Lake Carezza

When you arrive at Lake Carezza, you will immediately notice that the Dolomites is a popular destination. It can get crowded at this lake. You need to know that there are fences at this lake so you can not go close by. It’s protected from all the tourists.

The lake is stunning but it is a tourist attraction. You pay for parking and walk five minutes for the view over the lake. You can park near the road, where there are a few free parking spots that aren’t paying but you need to be lucky to find a spot. The water of the lake is really blue, it feels dramatic with the mountains behind it.

During the summer months there are a lot of people there and it is sad to see people just go outside their car, take a picture and go away. It’s nature, when you visit this try to look and enjoy the view. Don’t be that person that just go there for the picture. Go for a walk!

So you need to know that it’s an easy spot to get the view. You don’t need to hike to the lake it’s quite easy accessible.

Lake Braies

There is a lot to do around lake Braies. You need to know that you have to pay 6 euros for parking in cash, which is crazy. On top of that you have to pay 50 cents for the toilet, if you don’t have 50 cent they won’t let you go to the toilet. This lake is really touristic so be prepared to see a lot of people even at 7am.

Our opinion: it’s a beautiful place but humans destroyed it. You’ll see some awesome boats but early in the morning you can’t go near only if you hire a photographer for Instagram and then they ask a lot of money. It’s all for the gram! There are many other beautiful spots in the Dolomites that are worth a visit and for free.

Three peaks of Lavaredo

This is an amazing place that you must visit in the Dolomites. Here you can do many stunning hikes. A nice hike to do is to go around the three peaks which takes around 3 to 4 hours. During the summer months this hike is a bit crowded. People hike to the three peaks and most of them return the same way back. When you hike further around it gets less crowded and you have even more beautiful views.

The hike is a loop so you end up at the place you started the hike. In the beginning the hike is quite easy but in the end it gets a bit harder.

Tip: hike around the three peaks for 3 to 4 hours to have the best views.

Before you enter the area with the car, it’s when you drive towards the three peaks, you pay 30 euros. It’s a sort of toll road, you have them in some places of Italy, it’s to maintain the roads.

Tip: bring enough water, snacks, a rain jacket, sun protection and don’t forget to wear decent shoes.

Lake Sorapis

A must do! It’s a stunning place that looks surreal. The water is so blue because of the silt of the molten snow.

You can park your car for free near Passo Tre Croci and start your hike there by following path 215. After 2 to 3 hours, depending on how fast you go, you arrive at this wonderful lake. Sometimes the path is hard but it’s manageable. I think everybody can do it if you just take it slow. Start your hike early in the morning, around 6.30 am, then you avoid the crowd. It isn’t that crowded like the other places I mentioned in the Dolomites but there will be a fair amount of people.

Tip: start this hike early in the morning and bring your breakfast with you.

In total this hike takes around 4 to 6 hours so bring enough water, snacks, a rain jacket, sun protection and wear decent shoes.

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