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Verona is a nice Italian city to visit. Ideal to combine when you visit Milan the city of fashion or the Wild mountains in the Dolomites. It’s around a 2-hour drive from Milan and Dolomites.

You can sleep outside the city center of Verona if you’re on a budget and take the bus to the city center. In one or two days it’s possible to visit Verona.

Tip: if you have enough time you can also visit Bergamo, it’s a beautiful cozy city and only around a 1-hour drive from Milan. From Bergamo you can drive to Lake Garda, also around a 1-hour drive (it’s stunning there). You can stay at Lake Garda and go the day after to Verona, that’s also around a 1-hour drive.

Must visit in Verona

  • Lake Garda (1-hour drive from Verona)
  • Arco dei Gavi
  • Castelvecchio Bridge
  • Castelvecchio Museum
  • Piazza Bra
  • Verona Arena
  • Juliet’s House
  • Torre dei Lamberrti

Most busses stop at Arco dei Gavi. You can then walk towards the water to have a beautiful view over the Castelvecchio Bridge, where you can see the Castelvecchio Museum.

When you walk towards the Piazza Bra, you’ll see nice cafés on the road. You can have a drink and enjoy an Aperol Spritz before you arrive at Piazza Bra. On Piazza Bra you will immediately see a beautiful Arena. The Verona Arena is built in the first century. Today they still use this Roman amphitheater. It’s one of the best-preserved ancient structures of its kind. The housing capacity of the Arena is nearly 30.000 people, how crazy right?

The next stop you can go to Juliet’s House. While walking to Juliet’s House you walk through shopping streets, it’s an awesome city if you want to go shopping.

At Juliet’s House, you see all the tourists, it is crazy. When you walk in the ‘street’ you see all these notes hanging at both sides on the wall. Tradition is that as a couple you put up a message with your names on and Juliette will cast a luck spell on the couple. Their love will last for eternity. Normally it should be hung on the brick wall beneath Juliette’s balcony but now they placed a wooden panel because the house belongs to the World Heritage Trust. They are scared that the building will suffer from all those notes.

Fun fact: Did you know that Shakespeare never visited Verona and that Romeo and Juliette is fiction. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s real, because the emotions of some people around this place is real. It gives people hope and courage.

After visiting Juliette’s house, you should walk around and go to the Torre dei Lamberti and explore the rest of the city.

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