We, Tibi lost in nature, like to be as transparent as possible, which is why we’ve written this disclaimer for our Website: “https://www.tibilostinnature.com“.


All content on this Website is either written by Birgit or Timothy with the purpose to inform you as best as possible. Although we try our best to deliver high quality information, we’re only humans. This means there might be errors or inaccurate information. We can however not in any circumstances be liable for any mistakes, damages or loss caused by or in connection with the use of information on our Website. Some information might be outdated, which is why it’s advised to research before you use any information on this Website. In case you stumble upon information that’s outdated, please inform us by sending an email at contact@tibilostinnature.com.

Affiliate links

In order to maintain our Website, we might implement Affiliate links. These links offer you the products or services at the same price, while we get a small percentage. We’ll never share links to suppliers or companies that we wouldn’t buy from or use for ourselves.  

Last update: September 2022