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There is a wonderful place in Tuscany that is worth a stop and perfect to relax: the Saturnia hot springs. When you drive to the hot springs the scenery on the road to the hot springs is already beautiful. You will pass by some straight, long trees that you see a lot in Tuscany. They are called Tuscan Cypress or Mediterranean.

They can live up to two thousand years long. These elegant trees are all planted, because they are originally from the Middle East. A Tuscan Cypress tree used to be planted around burial grounds because the scent of the resin avoids evil spirits and gives a safe passage to the afterlife.

When you arrive at the natural Saturnia hot springs, you will be mesmerized with this beautiful nature. You need to know that these hot spring are really touristic, but it is still breathtaking.

Terme di Saturnia are groups of hot springs in Tuscany. It has become a very popular place in the last few years. It is beautiful and free of charge, you can even park there for free. People come here to relax. In case you’re looking for a spa, Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf resort is nearby where you can enjoy the same water but it is expensive to go. If you have the budget you should go and enjoy your day.

Must know before you go

  • Terme di Saturnia is a group of springs
  • The water has a perfect temperature (not too hot, not too cold, around 37 degrees)
  • The hot springs are known for their therapeutic properties
  • The hot springs smell like rotten eggs. So, bring an old swimsuit because believe me, everything will smell really bad and it’s hard to get out of your clothing
  • Bring water shoes, mosquito repellent and a waterproof bag

Tip: don’t forget your water shoes, mosquito repellent and a waterproof bag.

The smell at this hot springs is horrible, it smells like rotten eggs. After staying here for a while you get used to it. The water comes from a crater of volcanic origin and are known for their therapeutic properties. Due to it’s origin, it has a temperature which is always around 37 degrees, body temperature.

They say there are a lot of benefits of the water like: treatment of various skin conditions, natural exfoliating, peeling effect, deep antiseptic cleaning action, etc.

Tip: go early in the morning to avoid the crowd. If you go around 5.30 am you have the most stunning views with the sunrise and you avoid the crowd.

The Saturnia hot springs are the best place to relax. The only downside is the smell, even afterwards it’s hard to wash the smell out of everything.

Tip: watch the sunrise at Saturnia hot springs.

Give yourself the gift of nature as often as you can. I’m always amazed about the things nature can do, it’s so crazy if you think about it. Nature will always find a way. Two hours from these hot springs you’ll find Rome. Read more about the capital of Italy in “all roads lead to” Rome city.

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