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Hi, welcome to our blog. We are Timothy and Birgit, a married couple that try to challenge each other by doing new adventures together. By sharing all these experiences together, we grow and get to know ourselves and each other better. We want to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself or somebody that is close to you and grow, so you will find yourself.

Now I will talk more about who is Timothy and Birgit (Tibi)? We are both born and raised in Bruges, a beautiful medieval city in Belgium. This means we speak Dutch (and a little bit of French), but we decided to write our blogs in English. We are sorry in advance for the grammar mistakes, we just wanted to step outside our comfort zone. It’s okay to make mistakes because that’s how you learn. But in case we made a mistake, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment!

A couple posing in the medieval city of Bruges with view on one of the canals and the belfry tower

Fear is in the mind

We traveled to many places, and we are here to share our greatest adventures in life. We get lost in nature for you and share the information, to inspire you, and so it’s easier for you to get lost in the beautiful nature on this world (without actually getting too lost). Besides traveling, we also lived in many different places, so we could discover different cultures. We lived in 5 different cities in Belgium and 2 different cities in France. Birgit also lived for a few months in Suriname (South-America). We currently live in Malta, exploring the hidden gems on the island.

Why did we choose the name Tibi? Tibi stands for Timothy and Birgit, but it’s also a Latin word that means ‘for you’. We write blogs for you and get lost in nature for you. We think the most beautiful thing in the world is when people come together and share information because together we are stronger. When people share information with each other, something beautiful is happening. That’s why we write these blogs to give you the information and experience that we’ve gathered. I’m sure you also have a lot of information to share with the world. Don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can learn from each other.

Getting lost in nature for us is really getting lost in everything, because isn’t nature the start of everything?

We are a married couple who have been together since the beginning of 2012, yes, we are what they call high school sweethearts. The moment we got together, we knew there is more in life. We did what people expected from us, going to university, going working and in our little free time going on many adventures.

People always asked us how we could travel this much and do all these adventures. Honestly, it’s all about your mindset. With work, it’s not always easy, but when you make it a habit to go outside, you will be surprised on how good you feel after. When we had free time, we try to do something together or with friends. We both wanted to do as much as possible, even though we also sometimes do Netflix and chill. If we had a long weekend we went on city trips, during the week we would go for a run or walk, in the weekends we try to discover new places or go on an adventure, etc.

Going on adventures kept us sane because we felt lost in our society. We felt lost in our society, but we also felt lost in our adventures. It was a different kind of lost. We believe you can feel lost in something you don’t like; it drains the energy out of you. You can also feel lost in something you like; this gives energy to you. More about this you can read in our blog Tibi lost in nature.

A couple in wedding clothes at the cliffs in the algarve, portugal

Many jobs and travels passed by for us. Our dream was always to start something together. In the year 2020-2021, we finally decided to study ‘International Business Management’ together. After studying together, we worked together in the French Alps. It was the perfect way to connect more with each other and to communicate what we both wanted further in life.

In 2022, more than 10 years later, we decided to change our path. We decided to choose for the lost feeling that gives energy to us. Doing things we like, that means going on adventures and share it with the world. We would love to give our positive energy to you so that you can go on adventures as well, and get lost in something you like.

Challenge yourself, get lost and grow

Our mind
A couple proudly presenting their diploma wearing a graduation hat

We created Tibi to inform people. Besides our blog, we also wanted to help other bloggers and businesses to create something different that matches their values. That’s why we started Tibi Creations. Tibi Creations looks beyond the numbers by creating a community that matches the company. To achieve this we offer web development, blogs and photography. We tailor digital creations for businesses active in hospitality and tourism in Europe. You can read all about our company on our website.

Now (2023) we live in Malta, trying to figure out life and enjoying the sun and sea. We try to write blogs about all the places we have been to and all the adventures we have done. Hopefully there are many more adventures to come.

Most of the time, the blogs will be written by Birgit. This means it will be written through her eyes, but we always talk about our experiences. She will try to combine both points of view. Most adventures we do together, that’s why it’s important that you know the both of us. Besides that, it’s not because Birgit writes the blogs that Timothy isn’t doing anything. He works behind the scenes and does a lot. He makes the website, does the SEO, photography etc.

Anyway, that’s it for this blog, I hope you enjoyed reading about us. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

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