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At some point everybody feels kind of lost, right? That’s why we are here, to explain that you’re not alone. We are constantly seeking, trying to figure out what we want in life. The questions we keep asking ourselves are:

  • What two skill do I want to learn or to improve this year?
  • What are the two places that I must visit in my life?
  • What are the two things that I want to accomplish in my life?

It’s strange to answer these questions because the answers change throughout your life. Think about these questions every year and write down the answers. Believe me that your answers over time will be different.

Every year our answers are different and that shows us how much we change. At this point in our life, we want to get to know the world, get to know people, get to know you. We want to get the most out of life and we want to share our adventures and experiences with you. It would be nice if you do the same, share your adventures and experiences with us.

We believe that it’s better to learn from each other. Before you continue reading, we would like to ask you this question: Do you have adventures to share with us? If the answer is yes, just fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you or leave a comment.

Challenge yourself, get lost and grow

Our mind

Tibi means ‘for you’ in Latin. That’s what we, Timothy & Birgit, want to do. We want to get lost in nature for you. By getting lost in nature we hope to convince you to do the same, so in the end you learn about yourself. If we can do it, you can do it too. Go outside your comfort zone, it’s okay to be scared. Being scared is part of life, accept it and don’t let it control you. Just do it scared.

Remember that fear is just in the mind. So, face your fears, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

We want to inspire people to seek further in life by traveling and exploring the world. We want to show the world that everybody is unique and special, but we all have one purpose. Everybody just wants to be happy, find themselves. Every person, every culture, every country has their issues, but we are one world, and we all want one thing, to be happy. We want to feel that we belong.

Remember: it’s okay to feel lost. How you deal with your lost feelings, makes you who you are! Every decision you make in life makes you who you are.

A couple piggy back riding in the mountains with a valley and the Mont Blanc mountain range in the distance

We are Tibi lost in nature and how can we explain this?

Well, we always knew there was more in life, and we feel lost because we feel that we don’t fit in a ‘normal’ life. We can discuss about the fact what normal means, but this is a whole other subject. If you want, we can always write a blog about that, just leave a comment below or contact us here. Okay, back to why we are feeling lost. We were never the model students who studied a lot and we’ve never understood why everybody needed to learn all that same information. We felt so lost.

A couple walking in a foggy field with pine trees

Study hard, work hard, repeat

After years of studying, we both got our bachelor’s degree and of course we immediately needed to start working because that’s how it goes according to our society. You study, you work, that’s how it goes, right? Many jobs passed and we could always stay at our jobs, but we didn’t want to. We always started happy in every job but after a while we felt lost and bored, it drained energy out of us. It was a vicious cycle.

We constantly asked ourselves is this it. Is this life? You work most of your time, you save money, you do a short travel and that’s it. We were lost and didn’t know what to do. Birgit always says you need a lost feeling to grow. Feeling lost is not something bad, because it means that you want to change something in your life. You finally know that you must search for something different!

It’s not bad to feel lost. We believe that there are two types of feeling lost. There is the lost drainer, this means that you feel lost, and it drains energy out of you. But you can also feel lost and get energy, we call this the lost energizer. Our lost drainer is the typical fixed job, our lost energizers are exploring the world and starting a business.

Replace your lost drainer by a lost energizer!

We are going to keep exploring our whole life because for us that is our lost energizer of life. It’s scary and we don’t always know what we do, but it gives us energy and makes us happy. It’s feeling lost in a good way, coming outside our comfort zone.

When you feel a lost drainer, it’s a lost feeling that makes you feel sad and bored, it doesn’t give you energy. It drains energy out of you. With lost drainers you need to search what you miss and when you’ve found what you’re looking for, you need to start doing that.

Start that new thing that you’ve found. This exciting, new, scary thing also gives you a sort of lost feeling, but it gives energy because it’s something you want. Starting something new can be anything like going on a date, marrying somebody, travelling, having a child, celebrating an anniversary, start running, eating healthy, etc. It’s scary and you don’t always know where to start, but you want it and it gives energy, it’s exciting. Everybody starts something new in his or her life all the time and that’s what makes us happy and keeps us sane. It depends on the person whether what you start is really something you want. Don’t have children if you don’t want children. Don’t take a job if you don’t like the job, another opportunity might be just around the corner!

Search for a lost energizer, it means that you feel lost, but it gives you energy. Let go of the lost drainers, it means that you feel lost, and it drains energy out of you.

Don’t listen to what you should do and do what you want to do instead

A couple in the snow with skis and snowboard in front of the Matterhorn

You can be happy at home but feel the energy draining at your work or you can be happy at your work but feel the energy draining out of your body. Feeling lost when you’re with some friends and they drain energy out of you etc. When you feel a lost drainer, it just means you must explore and try something new. Find energizers and not drainers. Feeling lost is not bad and we think it helps us to learn what we want in life. So don’t ignore a lost draining feeling, go, and explore.

Look if your lost feeling gives you energy or drains the energy out of you. What are you scared of, but you want it? What are you dreaming about? Where do you get energy from?

  1. Acknowledge your lost drainer
  2. Find a scary but exciting lost energizer
  3. Replace the lost drainer with a lost energizer

We are lost in nature, and we want to get lost in this world. We want to explore the world and go back to its culture, its nature. Adventure in nature is our lost energizer.

We can spend hours in nature just looking at how beautiful it is. We can talk for hours what our next trip will be or how we will raise our children, etc. It gives us energy. We want to challenge ourselves; we want to do new things, we want to play like a child, we want to see the world, we want to watch Netflix, we want to read books, we want… We just want to get lost in everything that gives us energy. We don’t want to regret a thing just being lost in everything in this world, in this nature.

Getting lost in nature for us is really getting lost in everything, because isn’t nature the start of everything?

For us that’s our goal in life, to be lost. Being lost isn’t something bad, it’s a sign that you’re doing great. Find out which are your lost drainers, and which are your lost energizers. Let go of the lost drainers and go for the lost energizers.

Come on, get lost in something. Quit that job where you feel that you don’t belong and try that job you always wanted even if you don’t have the education for it. Go to a bar alone and start talking to random people to make new friends, etc. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Get deeply lost so that you can finally see things differently.

We have a question for you. We told you that everybody on this planet sometimes has this feeling that they’re lost. Think about it, if you were lost in something or someone, what would this be? Which lost feeling drains energy out of you and which lost feeling gives energy to you? Share the answer with us, we would love to learn about you.

Get lost, search, and start something new

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