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Morzine is a beautiful ski resort in the French Alps nearby the border of Switzerland. It’s also a part of the ski area ‘Portes du Soleil’ which means the ‘doors to the sun’ in English. The Portes du Soleil area is one of the largest ski areas in the world.

Most people go to Morzine during the winter for skiing and snowboarding. Besides that, there is much more that you can do during the winter.

Skiing and snowboarding in Morzine

Portes du Soleil is truly a ski paradise. One of the amazing things you can do from Morzine is skiing in different areas of the Portes du Soleil. You can easily go skiing to Avoriaz or Montriond, or you can ski around in The Morzine – Les Gets area. Besides that, I would recommend you ski a whole day through the Portes du Soleil area. There is a loop that you can do which is amazing.

In Morzine there is one red slope at the Pleney where they do night skiing once a week. Usually, it’s on Thursday evening from 6.30 pm until 8.30 pm. You can just use your normal ski pass for this. It’s nice for the experience but watch out because some people go on the slope drunk which can be dangerous. Further you don’t need to bring a headtorch as the slopes will be illuminated.

There are many places to discover on your skis or snowboard and there’s a ski experience for everybody from beginner to advanced. More about skiing and snowboarding in Morzine you can read in the blog Skiing and snowboarding in Morzine.

Tip: make sure you have a ski lock so you can lock your skis when you leave them somewhere. It happens that skis get stolen. You can easily buy a small ski lock to lock up your gear, buy it on Amazon or in Intersport in Morzine.

Ice skating in Morzine

In Morzine you can find two ice skating rinks. One outside on the Tourist Office square and an inside ice-skating rink. The prices are the same, but the inside ice-skating rink is way bigger and most of the times it’s less crowded.

The opening hours of the outside ice-skating rink depend on the season and once a week you can go ice skating in the evening which is really cool. You can find the timetable and the prices on their website.

If you prefer to go ice-skating in the outdoor rink, you can find all the information here.

An amazing thing to do is go and watch an ice hockey game in the indoor ice-skating rink. Almost every week during the winter you can find an ice hockey game. More information about when there is a game can be found on their website.

Hiking in Morzine

During the winter there are a lot of hiking opportunities. Make sure to wear decent winter hiking boots. In Decathlon or Intersport in Morzine you can buy spikes for on your shoes. Another nice thing to do is rent snowshoes in Intersport or go snowshoeing with a guide (they provide snowshoes for you). In the tourist office of Morzine you can get a folder with some beautiful hikes for free.

You can easily rent snowshoes at Intersport for around €10 a day including walking sticks. When there is fresh snow, I recommend renting snowshoes, it’s easy to rent online.

In the blog 6 beautiful winter hikes near Morzine you will find some hikes you can do by yourself. If you prefer a guide, then you can easily book a guide. A good guiding company is DaysAway Adventures.

Another nice way to ‘walk’ around is with cross-country ski also called Nordic ski. Where you can do this, is shown here.

8 Adventurous winter sports in Morzine

There are many adventurous things to do in the winter. It’s amazing if you like some adventures but one downside is that it’s expensive if you want to do one of those activities.

Ski touring is a nice adventurous activity. It’s hiking with skis up the mountain and ski down in the deep snow off-piste. Nowadays you can also do it with a split board, for snowboarders. You can book a guide on this website.

The second and third adventurous activities are paragliding and speedriding. Paragliding is more chill than scary, but it is an adventure. Paragliding is hanging in the air and enjoy the most beautiful views while speedriding is the same but with skis on. You can sometimes touch the ground with the skis and go back up. You can book one of these experiences here.


Another adventure you can do near Morzine is Ice climbing. It’s amazing to go climbing on ice and it’s a totally different experience than rock climbing. You will climb on frozen waterfalls and for this you need mountaineering boots, crampons, and ice axes. If you want to know more about this topic you can read the blog Ice climbing for beginners. To book a guide, check out this website.

Ice diving is the fifth adventure you can do in these crazy mountains. You can go ice diving at lake Montriond. For more information you can contact the diving center.

The next adventure that is nice to do is ice jetski snowmobile. It’s like a jetski but on the snow. More about this activity you can find here.

Evening sledging is the seventh awesome adventurous activity that you can do in Morzine or Avoriaz. It sounds easy but it’s harder than you think. When the slopes are closed for skiing you can go with a guide sledging down the slope.

Helicopter flight is the eighth and last adventurous activity. Which is expensive but once in a lifetime. For more information check out the website.

There are some more adventurous activities, but these are the most impressive ones. If you want some more adventures, check out this website.

Relax during the winter

There are many adventurous activities to do near Morzine but beside adventures there are also some more relaxing activities.

In this blog I said that going to an ice hockey game is an amazing thing to do. Almost every week during the winter you can find an ice hockey game. More information about when there is a game you can find on their website.

Another nice thing to do is going to the cinema in Morzine. In the Rex cinema on Rue du Bourg you can go and watch newly released movies in French or English. If you want to watch an English movie, make sure that it’s in English, it’s when VOST is written at the movie. They don’t offer a lot of food and drinks so it’s better to take your own snacks.

There are two awesome swimming pools near Morzine. The swimming pool in Morzine is called the aquatic center. Here you’ll find an adult pool, children pool, senior pool and a spa. For more information and pricing, you can check out the website. Another pool is the swimming pool in Avoriaz called Aquariaz which is a tropical paradise. On the website you can find all the information.

A Spa or Massage is another great way to relax during the winter in the mountains. To find the best spas and massages you can look on this website.

In Morzine it is possible to go play some billiard and arcade games in the Coyote Bar.

Bowling, arcade games or billiard is also something you can do in Avoriaz. More information you will find here.

Have you done it all in Morzine and would you like to explore the village where the Mont Blanc is, then you can easily do a day trip or a two-day trip to Chamonix. Read the blog Winter activities in Chamonix.

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