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Au revoir confinement, bonjour la vie !

Yes, you read it right the lockdown is over, and we can discover France again. There is still a curfew at 7 pm and non-essential shops are still closed but we can move further than 10 km again so that’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, in this blog I will talk about our last two weekends before we finished our internship. The last two weekends were like this:

My internship is almost finished (21/05/2021). I will write a last blog about my life in France and afterwards we will travel around in France. When we are traveling around you can read about our adventures in the section ‘destinations’.

Le temps est bon, le ciel est blue

Friday evening, we drove with some friends to Ardèche, it’s around a 2.5h drive from Lyon. In the evening we made some pizza and played some boardgames. We had a really nice time and learned a new game called ‘Exploding Kittens’, it was in French, but it was cool.

A red box of a board game called exploding kittens with a black cat on the box

On Saturday we eat a typical French thing called Brioche, you must try it when you’re in France. After our breakfast we went kayaking. There are many companies where you can rent a kayak. We did the smallest route, and it was €20 each person. It was a beautiful kayak route that took around 2 hours. We saw the beautiful Pont d’Arc, it’s a natural bridge.

Saturday evening, we drove back to Lyon. The Sunday we did a small hike near Saint-Germain. It was 2.5 hours hiking. During the hike we passed by a blue lake, stunning views and a ruin from a castle called château de Saint-Germain. We also worked for school because we need to finish some tasks.

France, tu es belle

Thursday was a holiday, so we decided to go hiking in ‘Réserve naturelle des Hauts de Chartreuse’ again because there is a lot to see there. We did a hike of three hours at Col Du Granier. Normally we would have a lot of stunning views, but it was foggy. Then, when we were finishing our hike, the sky cleared up, it was beautiful.

So, we decided to do another hike of 2 hours to some waterfalls (cascade in French). With our car we had to pay €4.5 entrance for this hike. There were toilets and a place where you can buy snacks. A lot of families were there with children. There is also a smaller hike you can do with children. The waterfalls are beautiful and is called Cirque de Saint-Même. On Friday we had to work.

The Saturday we went with some friends to Annecy. We woke up early and drove to Château de Menthon-Saint-Bernard. The castle was still closed (opens at 2 pm) but the view was still worth it.

Afterwards we drove to Réserve Naturelle du Roc de Chère. We walked for 25 minutes to a viewpoint called Belvédère de la Crête. We had breakfast with a stunning view over Lac D’Annecy.

The next stop was the city Annecy. This city has a lot of history and is a must do when you are in the neighborhood.

After visiting the city, we passed by another castle called Château de Montrottier. We also passed by Gorges du Fier but unfortunately it was closed because of Covid. Normally it’s a hike between canyons. We just went to the entrance. Next, we drove back to Lyon.

On Sunday we visited a medieval village nearby Lyon called Pérouges. It’s only 30 minutes driving. Galettes de Pérouges is a specialty from this village. It looks like pizza but it’s sweet with sugar. There are different hikes around the village with different lengths. We wanted to do the longest hike, but it started raining really hard so in the middle of our hike we decided to take a shortcut.

That’s it for our last two weekends. Stay tuned for my last blog on ‘Life in France’.

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