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Geneva is an important city located in Switzerland. It has a long history and is the base for some of the biggest organizations. In Geneva many countries signed the Geneva Convention after the second world war. It has already been signed and modified multiple times since 1864. The main headquarters of the United Nations is also in Geneva. Another thing Geneva is famous for is the CERN, which is where they mainly do particle physics research. There are many more reasons why Geneva is an important city. In this blog I will talk about all the places you should visit in this amazing city.

Tip: all around the city there are places where you can fill your bottle with water. Most water sources are safe to drink, it will say ‘eau potable’ which means drinkable water in French.

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Pass by the Reformation Wall

Walk around the park called Bastions Park and pass by the reformation wall. The reformation wall is near the university of Geneva and was built to celebrate the 400th anniversary of John Calvin, who is the founder of the University, and to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the University. On this monument you see four persons: John Calvin, William Farel, Théodore de Bèze and John Knox.

Walk around the Treille Promenade

When you walk around the Treille Promenade you will notice many chestnut trees. On this promenade you’ll also find the largest wooden bench in the world, which is 120 metres long. From here you have a view over the Park des Bastions. 

The old town in Geneva

The old town of Geneva is stunning. There are free guides (actual persons) around the city during the summer months that love to explain the history of Geneva. They wear a blue t-shirt with free information on them.

I recommend walking around the old town and discover the beautiful, cobbled streets. Some places that you must visit in the old town are the following:

  • Geneva Town Hall (Hôtel the Ville) and walk up the stairs to have a view
  • St. Peter’s Cathedrale in Geneva
  • Place du Bourg-de-Four
  • Discover the secret passages of the Old Town

Views from the ferris wheel

There is a Ferris wheel in the English Garden during the summer months. When you go on the Ferris Wheel you will have many beautiful views over the Geneva Lake and jet d’eau.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, in French Lac Léman, is one of the biggest lakes in West Europe. The lake lies in Switzerland and France. In Geneva you will have access on the lake. There are many activities on the lake and many villages around the lake to visit.

Tip: the best views of the lake and city can be found from the Jardin anglaise. The most epic view you will have from Mont Salève. You can go by bus (bus 8 until the last station ‘Veyrier Douane’) or by car to the foot of the mountain. Then you can hike up or take the cable car ‘Telepherique du Salève’ up.

The Jet d’Eau in Geneva

The water jet (in French Jet d’eau) is a large fountain on Lake Geneva. It is one of the largest fountains in the world, reaching 140 meters high. The jet was built in 1886 on another location (a bit further) as the safety valve for a hydraulic power network.

United Nations building and park

In Geneva the United Nations has the European headquarters. It is possible to get a guided tour here and learn about the building. Besides that, you should also walk around the park.

International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

When you visit the museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent there is one central question: How does humanitarian action concern us all, here and now? You can read more about the museum on their website.

Paragliding near Geneva

Near Geneva it’s a unique experience to go paragliding. You will have the most amazing experience. During the paragliding we saw lake Annecy, lake Geneva, the Mont-Blanc and much more. Read more about our paragliding experience on the blog Paragliding in Geneva.

Extra: Vevey, Montreux and the Chillon Castle

Vevey is a town in Switzerland on the North side of Lake Geneva. It’s nice to walk around this cosy, little town. In Vevey there is the headquarter of the famous Nestlé company that was founded in 1867.

In Montreux you have a stunning promenade where you can hike around. I recommend you walk around and enjoy this town with some epic views.

Chillon castle or Château de Chillon, in French, is a must visit. It’s close to Montreux and it’s a beautiful castle with views over the mountains and Lake Geneva. This castle has a long history and it’s possible to visit this nice place. Read everything about this castle on their website.

Extra: Medieval town Gruyères

Gruyères is a must visit if you love medieval towns. If you like cheese and chocolate, you can eat the authentic Gruyères cheese from La Maison du Gruyères. Read more about when you should visit on their website. Of course you also must taste the chocolates from Maison Cailler. More information about the tours you find on their website.

Tip: try cheese fondue in one of the many restaurants in Gruyères

Besides that, I recommend you wander around the cobblestoned streets and enjoy the views. There is also the Gruyères castle that you should visit.

Tip: for some epic views you can take the funicular at Moléson-sur-Gruyeres which is a town close by. The funicular goes up to Plan-Francey. Then you can hike or go further up to Le Moléson. There is even a via ferrate on Le Moléson.

Tip: hike Gastlosen tour close by Gruyères. The hike starts and ends in Jaun and is around 11 km long. It’s a loop so you end where you started. You can easily follow the signs ‘Gastlosen Tour 262’.

Extra: Glacier 3000

If you have extra time, I suggest you visit Glacier 3000. It’s an easy access to the Swiss Alps definitely when you stay at Gstaad, Montreux and even Geneva. Read more about Glacier 3000 or watch the webcam on their website.

For epic views and amazing activities, I suggest you visit Glacier 3000. Some activities you can do are: Glacier walk, the peak walk by Tissot suspension bridge, dog sledge ride, and much more.

Read about all the activities on the website. There is much more to discover in Switzerland.

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