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Trondheim is an amazing city in the North of Norway. There are many places to visit in this amazing city. This historic city, that dates back to the Viking Age, is the third-largest city in Norway. There are many activities to do in and around Trondheim.

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Torvet in Trondheim

In the city center there is a nice city square Torvet where you see the high statue of the Viking king Olav Tryggvason. He is the founder of Trondheim. The statue is actually a large sundial and was placed on the square in 1921. Besides the statue you’ll see a shopping mall called Trondheim Torg on the square and some bars and restaurants. From here you also have a nice view over the Nidaros Cathedral.

Tip: besides the city square you should walk around the city center and discover. Some streets that you should pass by while discovering are the Nordre gate, Olav Tryggvasons gt and Fjordgata.

Nidaros Cathedral

You can walk from the city square through the Munkegata street which leads to the impressive Nidaros Cathedral. This Cathedral is in Gothic style and is built over the tomb of St. Olav. He was a Viking king that converted Norway to Christianity. To enter this cathedral, you pay an entrance fee.

It is possible to visit from Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm, Saturday from 9am to 1pm and on Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.

Cross over the Gamle Bybro (bridge)

After the Cathedral you can walk to the Old Town Bridge which is called the Gamle Bybro or Bybroa. This bridge was built in 1681. The bridge crosses over the Nidelva River and it connects the main street Kjøpmannsgata to the Bakklandet neighbourhood.

Tip: from the bridge you have the most beautiful views over the houses. Another epic view that you don’t want to miss is when you walk in the direction of Solsiden on the Kjøpmannsgata street to Piren. From Piren it’s a nice view over the wooden houses.

Wander around Bakklandet

When you cross over the Old Town bridge from Kjøpmannsgata you end up in Bakklandet. The Bakklandet is a cosy neighbourhood in Trondheim where you can find many bars and restaurants. This area was once the area where the working class lived in a poor living condition. Now it’s a beautiful place to walk around and discover the area.

Tip: have a lovely Norwegian lunch or dinner at Baklandet Skydsstation. The lady is really friendly, and they have some vegetarian options available.

Walk around the Festningsparken

From Bakklandet you can easily walk up to the Festningparken which is a nice park. In the park you will find the Kristiansten Fortress which is a fortress on a hill that overlooks the city. The fort is built in 1681 after a big fire. It has a long history, and you can learn about it in the museum.

Discover the Solsiden

Solsiden is also known for Nedre Elvehavn and it’s a nice neighbourhood to wander around. When you cross over the flower bridge which is called Blomsterbrua you will immediately find yourself in a vivid area. Soldsiden is Norwegian for ‘the sunny side’ and you will understand why it’s called like that.

Eat a bolle at Onkel Svanhild

Onkel Svanhild is an amazing bakery in Trondheim where you can buy delicious sweets. They are known for the amazing bolle with different flavours. Besides the delicious food, the drinks are also very good.

Tip: there are many nice coffee bars to eat something sweet and drink a coffee. Some nice bars are Dromedar Coffee Bar, Espresso House, Godt Brød Dronningens gate and Rosenborg Bakeri.

Enjoy the view at Korsvika

A place you must visit is Korsvika, it’s a beach along the Lade Trail. The trail is 8 kilometers along the beach. If you want, you can hike from the city center until Korsvika which is 3 kilometers. You hike in the direction of Soliden, then Lade Church, the fjord and then you go in the direction of Korsvika. It’s the perfect way to relax and enjoy the views.

Hike 5 beautiful hikes near Trondheim

There are many hikes near Trondheim. A nice thing to do if you have time is do a cabin trip. It means that you hike multiple days, you can choose for how many days. You hike to a cabin and spend the night there. There are basic cabins, which are cheaper, and luxurious cabins that are more expensive.

Besides doing a cabin trip, you can also hike some small hikes near Trondheim. We wrote a blog about the 5 hikes that you must do when you visit Trondheim. Read more about the hikes in the blog 5 Hikes you must do near Trondheim.

Extra: spot stars and if you are lucky the Northern light

Trondheim lies in the North of Norway which means there is a possibility that you spot the Northern light during autumn and winter. The best time to spot it is from September to March. The sky needs to be black with not many clouds and you need to have a lot of patience. The Northern light is constantly moving and not static. Also, many stars can be noticed on the sky in Trondheim.

Tip: download the app ‘My Aurora Forecast & Alerts’ where you can see when there is a chance to spot the Northern light.

If you love spas, there is a nice, unique spa in Trondheim called Havet. Trondheim has activities for everybody, and it’s definitely a city that you should visit if you’re in Norway.

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