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Cervinia is a cosy village in Italy that has some amazing views over the Monte Cervino. The Cervino is a mountain that lies on the border of Italy and Switzerland and is well known because of the shape.

The following will be discussed in this blog:

Cervino ski paradise is an amazing area to ski around. You ski in Italy and Switzerland and get the most amazing views over the Cervino/Matterhorn.

Why you should visit Cervinia

Breuil-Cervinia is a resort in the Italian Alps located in the Aosta Valley region. The village is placed at the foot of Monte Cervino. Monte Cervino is the Italian name for the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is the mountain that you’ll find on the Toblerone chocolate viewed from the Zermatt side, which is a village on the Swiss side of the mountain. Cervinia is located on the Italian side and is less expensive than Zermatt, but you get also access to the Matterhorn Ski Paradise that is linked to Zermatt.

Tip: visit the Matterhorn glacier paradise. It’s Europe’s highest mountain station up to 3883 meters high. You can visit this all year round by foot or with a pair of skis.

The nice thing is that you can go skiing near the Matterhorn with the most epic views. The Cervino/Matterhorn is 4,478 meters high and looks different depending in which country you are. Here you see the same mountain but from a different country.

Besides skiing, you can enjoy the cozy village, eat some good Italian food, and do some other amazing activities like ice skating, ice climbing, snowshoeing, paragliding or do an excursion with a snowmobile. So, there is much to do and a lot of adventures to try out.

Cervino Ski Paradise

The whole ski area is in two countries, so Italy and Switzerland. You can ski in both countries, and you’ll see the Cervino/Matterhorn from many different perspectives. If you want to go skiing in this area, you need to be a good skier. The slopes are mostly red and more difficult than in some other ski areas, but there are also slopes for beginners.

Parking: you can park your car for free in Breuil-Cervinia and take the cable car up the mountain.

You can go up to Europe’s highest mountain station with your skis up to 3,883 meters high. On the top you have a view over 14 glaciers. It is possible to visit this place all year round by foot or with your skis.

Besides the views on Europe’s highest mountain station, you have a nice restaurant, and you can visit an ice cave. To visit the ice cave, you pay an extra ticket at the price of €8. You can easily get your ticket at the restaurant and have a quick visit.

Tip: make sure you have a ski lock, so you can lock your skis when you leave them somewhere. It happens quite often that skis get stolen. You can buy a small ski lock to lock up your gear, buy it on Amazon or in one of the ski shops in Cervinia.

One day skiing with the best views

Start at 9.30 am and finish at 5 pm with the best views over the Matterhorn. The ski map is available on the website or take one at the ticket office. Start your day at Breuil-Cervinia and go all the way up to Plateau Rosa. Here you have an amazing view over the Italian and Swiss mountains.

Ski down to Trockener Steg. Go to Klein Matterhorn and visit the Matterhorn glacier paradise, the ice cave and drink something at the restaurant.

Afterwards you can ski all the way down to Schwarzsee and take the cable car down to Furi. From Furi you go up to Gornergrat and ski down to Furi again. Normally it will already be time to head back to Italy or spend the night in Zermatt.

To go back to Italy, you take the cable car from Furi up to Trockener. You go up to Klein Matterhorn and ski all the way down to Breuil-Cervinia. Make sure you take the right slopes down.

Tip: return in time to Cervinia or you can get stuck in Switzerland. Check the timetable at the chairlifts and give a big margin to be sure you’re back in Italy before the last ride.

Two days skiing spending the night in Zermatt

You can do a two-day skiing and spend the night in Zermatt, Switzerland. For the first day, you can do as described above. The second day you can go from Zermatt all the way up to Rothorn with the cable car and ski around with some amazing views. In the afternoon, I suggest you go back to Italy. From Rothorn you ski down to Gant, then go up to Rote Nase and ski down to Furi.

To go back to Italy, you take the cable car from Furi up to Trockener. You go up to Klein Matterhorn and ski all the way down to Breuil-Cervinia. Make sure you take the right slopes down.

If you’re not sure if skiing and snowboarding Cervinia is the best choice for you, read more about our other winter sports.

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