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Scuba diving in Malta is incredible. There are many diving locations and many dive centers to choose from. Read my blog about What Should You Know About Scuba Diving in Malta to learn more about diving in Malta.

In February, it was still quite chilly in Malta, but we decided to go for two dives. We did two dives near Wied-Iz Zurrieq in Malta. In this blog, I want to talk about the two dives.

Tip: I recommend you go diving from June until November in Malta for the best diving conditions. The other months are colder, and the visibility can be less good. During July and August, it can get packed, so be prepared for this.

Diving in the Mediterranean Sea

Malta is an island located central in the Mediterranean Sea. The country has two main islands called Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Besides these three islands, there are smaller uninhabited islets.

When you decide to go diving in Malta then you dive in the Mediterranean Sea, which is located between Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Mediterranean Sea has higher levels of salinity compared to the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate of Malta is hot and dry during the summer, and mild and wet during the winter. Diving in the Mediterranean Sea in Malta is possible all year round, but for the best visibility and a good water temperature it’s best to go diving during summer or autumn.

Water temperatures of the Mediterranean Sea in Malta:

  • From December to February (winter): 14 °C – 16 °C
  • From March to May (spring): 16 °C – 18 °C
  • From June to August (summer): 23 °C – 28 °C
  • From September to November (autumn): 22 °C – 25 °C

In the Mediterranean Sea, the marine life is quite diverse. You will find many fish species around the islands of Malta like trumpetfish, barracuda, dentex, amberjack, octopus, cuttlefish, swordfish, moray eel, parrotfish, triggerfish, tuna, etc. If you are lucky, you can have an encounter with dolphins or turtles.

Corsair Diving Center

When you go diving, it’s important to find a diving center that matches your values. Make sure you choose a center that is licensed and follows the safety rules. It’s best to take a PADI 5-star dive center, read reviews online and check out the website of the dive center.

We decided to dive with Corsair Diving because this dive center matches our values. It’s a dive center operated by a family and it’s PADI 5-star IDC. Besides that, we read that they have an environmental approach and try to take care of the oceans. We had an amazing experience diving with this dive center, they really take care of you, and they respect the underwater world.

First, the dive was in a small group. It was just us two, the dive instructor and somebody that did a dive course to become a Divemaster. Secondly, the equipment was well taken care of and the safety of us was the top priority. We hadn’t been diving for a while, but the instructor made sure we felt safe. Thirdly, the dive was relaxed and slowly. We did many dives before where instructors just go fast and try to show you as much as possible, but where I get problems with my ear. During these dives, we really got time to enjoy the underwater world and take it slowly.

Besides all the above, we liked the overall experience. The communication was good, they give a briefing before entering the water, the dive center respects the safety guidelines, and we got two pleasant dives. We will definitely go diving with this dive center again.

Tip: we always look for PADI 5-star dive centers, you can check this on the PADI website. Besides looking on the PADI website, we also like to read the reviews on Google and TripAdvisor to be sure to have a great dive experience.

Our scuba dive experience at Wied-Iz Zurrieq and Um El Faroud

We went scuba diving in February, which meant that the weather was colder and the visibility less good. Around this time of the year, you need to wear a wetsuit. We both wore a 7 mm wetsuit during our two dives and still it was a little chilly. Our two dives were at Wied-Iz Zurrieq.

The first dive was at Wied-Iz Zurrieq along the rocks. We dove into a dark cave and saw some nice fish like trumpetfish, John Dory fish and starfish. When we dove into the cave it was a bit scary but luckily, I had a flashlight, so I could see everything around me. We dove in caves before in Croatia, where we didn’t have the best experience. I am glad that we had a good experience here, we will definitely do some more cave diving in the future.

  • Max depth: 25 meters
  • Time: 40 minutes

Our second dive was at shipwreck Um El Faroud where we discovered the wreck, saw octopuses and many other fish. The ship was built in 1969, and it’s 110 meters long. They used the ship to transport fuel. In February 1995 there was an explosion, which cost the life of some people. After the vessel was damaged, and they sunk the ship intentionally to create a diving attraction.

  • Max depth: 27 meters
  • Time: 41 minutes

Both our dives were nice and relaxing, the instructor gave us time to enjoy the underwater world and let us get used to diving again. Sometimes I was getting cold because the water was quite chilly, but the beautiful fish made it all better. Our highlights were the cave, the shipwreck, and the fact that we finally saw octopuses. We can’t wait to go diving some more around Malta.

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